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Airway Dental Medicine:

Treating The Cause Of Chronic Health Problems

Airway Dysfunction can cause frustrating health problems such as chronic pain, fatigue, teeth grinding, headaches, and TMJ.

As a doctor of dental medicine, Dr. Zink works with you to support your airway - the root cause of many problems. His custom Airway Dental treatments can help improve your breathing, your smile, and your quality of life.

Is Your Airway Making You Sick?

Are you struggling with chronic back or shoulder pain, teeth grinding, TMJ, fatigue, or crooked teeth? The root cause of all these seemingly unrelated problems might be what you least expect: airway dysfunction.

Watch our video to find out how your airway could be impacting your health — and what you can do about it.

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Services At Zink Dental

When you suffer from Airway Dysfunction, you can't live your life to the fullest. At Zink Dental, our treatments are designed to treat the root cause of your health concerns so you can live a healthier, longer life.

Many patients who undergo Airway Dental Medicine treatment experience permanent health benefits, including:


"I have dealt with medical issues for years and have never been able to find resolutions, even after seeing many doctors. Dr. Zink stabilized my bite so I could get a true diagnosis. It feels so good to work with someone who listens and can help me find the answers I've been searching for years."

- Shawna G. 

"Dr. Zink is super personable and was gentle with our baby. I wish I had done the procedure with him sooner. It was so worth it and a lot less invasive than we thought it was going to be.”

- Jessi and Ivy G. 

"Before we found Dr. Zink, we were exhausted. I felt like I was a bad mom. Nothing I could do to make my baby feel better. After the frenectomy, he feels much better, and we have had more sleep and less stress."

- Lacey M.

"When my baby had severe colic, I felt like the frustration was never going to end. I noticed a huge difference with nursing right off the bat working with Dr. Zink. Life is going much better, and she is turning in to quite the happy baby."

- Katie W.

About Dr. Samuel P. Zink Jr.

As someone who has suffered from airway issues his entire life, Dr. Zink understands how frustrating chronic health issues can be. He discovered the connection between the airway, jaw, and seemingly unrelated health issues while researching treatment options for his 4-year-old son’s improper jaw development.

Today, he offers airway dental medicine treatments to help adults and children alike take back control of their lives, regain their energy levels, and look and feel better than they ever have.

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