What Is Airway Dental Medicine?

Your Airway, Health, And Appearance: It’s All Connected.

When we think about the airway, we typically think about breathing and our lungs. We don’t consider the impact the airway could have on other aspects of our health.

But the airway plays a crucial role in every function of the human body. As a result, when the airway is small, obstructed, or collapsing, the consequences can be severe and wide-spread.

These problems, also known as Airway Dysfunction, can affect everything from your face shape and teeth to your pain levels and the quality of your sleep.

Many patients with Airway Dysfunction suffer from constant fatigue, chronic pain, headaches, neck and back pain, TMJ, teeth grinding, snoring, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, and other frustrating health problems.

Airway Dental Medicine repairs the upper airway by removing obstructions such as tongue tie and a crowded mouth.

By combining jaw exercises, jaw expansion procedures, and other dental treatments, Airway Dental Medicine permanently improves your breathing and health so you can live your life to the fullest.

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Could You Benefit From Airway Dental Medicine?

Download our free guide, "Is Your Airway Making You Sick?", and compare your signs and symptoms to determine if Airway Dental Medicine could be right for you.

In this guide, you will learn the physical and mental symptoms of Airway Dysfunction; health conditions commonly associated with a collapsible airway; how your airway impacts your dental, physical, and mental health; how Airway Dental Medicine repairs the airway; and more.

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What Does Airway Dental Medicine Look Like?


During your initial consultation, we will take photos and measurements of your mouth, jaw, and face. As we move forward, we can go into more depth with panoramic imaging, 3D airway analysis, and real-time breathing bio-feedback.

By measuring your heart rate variability (HRV), one of the most reliable indicators of stress, we can determine how much stress Airway Dysfunction is putting on your body, day and night.

After discovering your level of Airway Dysfunction together, Dr. Zink will create a customized Airway Dental Medicine plan based on the severity of your Airway Dysfunction, placement of your jaw, and quality of your teeth.

Some procedures that may be included in your treatments are:

Why Choose Airway Dental Medicine

Few things are as frustrating as chronic health problems that won’t go away. You can spend years seeking pain relief, getting repeat dental procedures, drinking caffeine to stay awake, and taking medications to mask your symptoms.

But, even still, you will find yourself struggling just to make it through the day. And that can make you feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

You deserve to live a long, healthy, fulfilling life – and your airway shouldn’t stand in the way of that. If you believe you might be suffering from Airway Dysfunction or upper airway resistance syndrome, it’s time to take action.

A few of the benefits you could experience with Airway Dental Medicine include:

  • Better breathing, smile, and appearance
  • Enhanced overall health
  • Looking and feeling 10 years younger
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Less reliance on doctors to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Don’t spend another day feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and bogged down with health problems. Schedule a free consultation today and find out if Airway Dental Medicine could help you reach your full potential.

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How Patients Feel About Airway Dental Medicine


"When my baby had severe colic, I felt like the frustration was never going to end. I noticed a huge difference with nursing right off the bat working with Dr. Zink. Life is going much better, and she is turning into quite the happy baby."

- Katie W.

"Before we found Dr. Zink, we were exhausted. I felt like I was a bad mom. Nothing I could do to make my baby feel better. After the frenectomy, he feels much better, and we have had more sleep and less stress."

- Lacey M.

"I have dealt with medical issues for years and have never been able to find resolutions, even after seeing many doctors. Dr. Zink stabilized my bite so I could get a true diagnosis. It feels so good to work with someone who listens and can help me find the answers I've been searching for years."

- Shawna G. 

"Dr. Zink is super personable and was gentle with our baby. I wish I had done the procedure with him sooner. It was so worth it and a lot less invasive than we thought it was going to be.”

- Jessi and Ivy G. 

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